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Scale your b2b-sales
by Penenza
Buy-Now-Pay-Later platform
Installments of up to 6 months for your customers
You get paid 100% upfront
Sell more.
Increase the average check.
Retain customers.
Selling with Penenza installments gives your business great advantages
Number of deals
Average check
Sales growth
*all the data presented consist of average results of our clients
BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) - how it works
The supplier and the buyer agree on a deal and on using Penenza installments (payment in equal parts within several months)
The buyer pays the first part, the remaining amount is provided by Penenza. The seller receives all the money for the deal at once
The supplier pays Penenza a commission on the deal. Penenza compensates interest on installments to buyers from your commission
The buyer pays the remaining amount to Penenza in equal amounts throughout the installment period
Benefits for your business
Zero risk
You get paid 100% upfront
Additional payment method
Suitable for offline and online sales
Bigger deals
Sell 2-7 times more with the same amount of customer’s money
Customer loyalty growth
Ongoing installments make it harder for clients to switch to competitors
Competitive advantage
New technological tool in a competitive battle
Funnel conversion rate growth
Perfect solution for increasing the % of closed deals
BNPL-platform Penenza.
You need it if you:
supply goods for sole traders and business
want to increase the effectiveness of advertising and the average check
work in any industry of the B2B segment
want to increase sales and scale your business on comfortable terms
How exactly will you earn more
with BNPL-installments for B2B?
A client came to us and said, "I would have bought more for the high season, but now there is no more money ‍....... " We offered to use Penenza - the client bought 4 times more, with a three-month installment plan. As a result, the customer is satisfied, and so are we.
I increase deals by 4 times
Supplier of kiteserfing equipment
You may know that customers probably come to you too and say: "Competitors offer a discount, improve your offer." And it starts - they give 7%, give 8%, then they give 9%, give 10% and so on. I hate it!
But now we have a new solution: BNPL-Penenza installment plan. Instead of a 10% discount, we offer to pay 7 times less! Our customers take installments for 6 months, pay only 1/7 and pick up the product. Customers like it and are willing to buy even more.
I refuse to give discounts
Supplier of pumps and water supply equipment
Some of our customers have started to regularly buy in installments. It turned out that this is a good way of retention.
In order for the client to switch to another service, he needs to pay for the goods to a competitor, and at the same time continue to pay the installments that were provided to him earlier. To do this, the client will have to find working capital somewhere else, however it would be more reasonable to continue working with us.
I retain customers
Supplier of construction materials
We sell unique equipment that is appealing to customers' needs. We do not have a need to fight for an increase in sales, so we do not subsidize interest on installments. Instead, we have raised prices for installment sales and now we get additional profit on such deals. Currently our customers have a choice - either to pay immediately or in installments, but at a higher price. Such a model offers no risks to us, which is awesome.

I get extra profit
Supplier of digital cutting plotters
We got the list of rejected customers from CRM and sent out an installment offer to each contact. The result exceeded all our expectations - without the cost of marketing and advertising, we returned 10% of the rejected customers. Considering the usual conversion to sales in our business, this gave a total sales increase of 20%. We are pleased with the outcome.
I return rejected customers
Wholesaler of auto parts
How much does it cost?
You sell more by increasing the number of new customers
You increase the average check by selling expensive groups of goods and services to customers who could not afford them
Get more loyal customers through interest-free installments
You get paid upfront for each deal
Get a strong competitive advantage due to an exclusive offer
Penenza comission from installment deals
* from this commission, the installment interest rate for your buyer is subsidized
% + GST
* the commission can be reduced when increasing turnover
Why should I pay the commission, and
not my buyer?
To include the commission in the cost of the goods
In fact, you have options:
To add only part of the commission to the price of the goods, for example, 50%
Pay the commission in full out of your own money without increasing the price
If you are selling an exclusive product and customers are expected to buy from you, then the first option will suit you best.
Sales will increase due to the amount of customers who are more comfortable paying in installments, even at a slightly higher price.
Which option is better?
If you work in a competitive market, then it would be beneficial to shift the payment of the commission to the buyer, however the buyer may go to a competitor. If your product costs the same amount, but can be bought in installments - your offer becomes more attractive.
And you get even more:
Penenza will compensate interest on installments for your buyers from the commission. Zero interest rate on installments significantly increases sales.
The “economies of scale” will grow - the cost of production will decrease
More closed deals - higher efficiency of your advertising and sales costs
More customers - greater sustainability for your business
More customers you have - less customers are available to the competitors ;)
For each client. For each transaction.
With Penenza, it is YOU who decides how much the buyer will pay and what the installment period will be.
Sign up in Penenza! It's easy!
Only if you sell to a business
Work with Penenza not only as a supplier, but also as a buyer
Many of our clients-suppliers themselves do not mind getting interest-free installments on their purchases. Who will refuse interest-free working capital?
Interest-free installments by Penenza business is a new product of our fintech team.
Dmitrii Pangin
We have extensive experience in creating MSME financing infrastructure - we have developed one of the largest crowdlanding platforms in Russia.
Over time more than 15,000 companies received loans worth $0.5 billion.
Penenza founder
Our previous project was a b2b marketplace ОТС.гu , which was used by more than 400,000 MSME and transactions of more than $5 billion per year were carried out.
Frequently Asked Questions
if you did not find the answer to your question here, please leave a request — our manager will contact you and help to figure everything out.
We work officially and transparently by clarifying all client details in the service agreement. Penenza regularly posts financial reports to the public. We cooperate with the state Startup India Hub.
Our company helps to save you from the risks of installments: you get the money immediately, and your buyer pays us the debt in a period of 1 to 6 months. This insures you against delays and non-payment of debt.
You are a bank or an NBFC?
Large banks, NBFCs and more than 13000 private investors are already investing in installment loans for small businesses on Penenza around the world.
Lend with Penenza with low risks and good yield