We provide qualified leads for your bank or NBFC
Work with low-risk b2b borrowers
How Penenza can be useful for a Bank/NBFC
Penenza - BNPL (Buy-Now-Pay-Later) platform for B2B sales
The buyer is able to pay in installments
Simultaneously, the supplier receives the entire amount immediately
Interest for the use of credit funds is paid by Penenza from the commission of the supplier
Penenza acts as a credit broker and IT platform of subsidized installments for your Bank/NBFC:
There is no installment interest rate for the borrower on the Penenza platform. We pay interest for the borrower from the suppliers' commission.
Duration of installments period on the Penenza platform is flexible. The installment period is determined by the supplier for each deal
Сommission charged by Penenza from the supplier. May vary by industry and region
% + GST
% per annum
How it works
from the Bank/NBFC point of view
Installment monthly payments
Installment interest
Purchase amount
% Comission
The buyer signs up to Penenza and goes through the qualification procedure, after which the information about them is sent to the creditor for determination of the credit limit
The supplier and the buyer agree on the terms of the deal and on using Penenza installments (payment in equal parts within several months)
The buyer pays the first part, the remaining amount is provided by Penenza lending partner (Bank or NBFC). The seller receives all the money for the deal at once
The supplier pays Penenza a commission on the deal. Penenza pays interest on the loan provided by the creditor
The buyer pays the remaining amount to the creditor in equal amounts during the installment period
Triple win
The BNPL business model, which is new in the b2b market, benefits all participants:
How does BNPL differ from factoring and leasing
  • even clients who do not need money want to take an interest-free working capital
Why Penenza buyers (borrowers) are a low-risk segment?
  • unlike an overdraft, the client does not experience the risk of a cash gap
Life story:

In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, preferential lending programs, under which banks issued interest-free loans to MSMEs, were introduced in Russia.
The result of subsidizing the interest rate by the government
  • The level of overdue debt under preferential programs turned out to be 60 times lower than for a classic bank loan products for MSME

  • 40% of new borrowers are businesses that have not previously applied to banks for expensive loans
Penenza offers the Bank/NBFC to become a
BNPL–installment lending partner
Offers for the Bank/NBFC
Additional income for the Bank/NBFC
  • Penza integrates into BNPL-installment bank lending product, such as: revolving credit line, overdraft or unsecured loan to replenish working capital

  • The bank will receive low-risk clients with high profitability, increasing the loan portfolio and its quality
  • Creation of new accounts
  • Transactional income
  • Cross-sale and up-sale on the Bank/NBFC's product line
Benefits for the Bank/NBFC from partnership with Penenza:
Penenza created a product that meets the needs and interests of business and partners with a built-in viral effect:
  • Suppliers attract buyers by advertising BNPL installments through their channels

  • Buyers invite their suppliers to join Penenza
A stream of new and reliable customers
High profitability from business lending
Fast turnover of funds
A product that complies with the Bank's risk model
Low customer acquisition costs
Sales growth of related products
Reduced cost of customer service
Viral sales effect
Three simple steps for partnership
Stages of the project with Penenza
At this step a discussion of the terms for cooperation takes place. Borrowers eligibility criteria, list of required documents and customer information are clarified.
Pilot project
This step includes the start of the pilot project in the "manual" mode in order to work out business processes and interaction between structural divisions of the bank/NBFC and Penenza specialists.
IT systems are integrated and business processes are optimized.
We are participating in an acceleration program supported by governmental Start-up India Hub and are rapidly developing relationships with Lenders and Financial Organizations in India
Get involved in the B2B BNPL
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Penenza is a credit broker & multy-lenders IT platform for BNPL-installments. Due to low interest rates, Penenza can provide creditors access to MSME with reduced risk.

Dmitrii Pangin, founder of Penenza