Definitely, yes! Other types may be more expensive, more complicated and less secure.
Why you should try installment when you want to grow up sales?
Scaling up
You get progress on three vectors at once: freedom from loans, growth in sales, and reduction in dependence on employees.
Instalment for business
To replace the brands that are leaving, you need to grow very quickly. Where can we get so many resources, and not only financial ones?
Development loan
Instalment for business
Penenza takes only 2.5%. And this is from already prepaid deals, the money for which you receive the day after the signing of the contract!
What percentage are banks offering you? What collateral do they require? How much blood would they like to drink? It is very difficult to develop on credit.
Economy mode
Shortening the sales cycle does more than just increase profits. Installment allows you to ship the goods at your own pace. It's a ticket to the seller's market
Instalment for business
It is worth selling a little less in a month, as you have to tighten your belts. And if a failure is a quarter, six months, a year long? It's not far from bankruptcy.
Instalment for business
Installment often triggers a word of mouth that is, direct recommendations. People come for already known products, on known conditions. And they take it.
Projecting is expensive and time-consuming, but the risks are even worse. Each successive model is like launching a new business. All steps must be completed from scratch.
Release of new products
Sales department development
Even semi-skilled sellers will be able to close deals if they offer an installment plan. This will greatly simplify your HR policy.
Instalment for business
A systemic, long-term investment in the team. Great, but when will it pay off? How many salespeople will go, perhaps to your competitors?
When paying in installments usually customers do not ask to reduce the cost of goods. The client pays only 10%. On the contrary, it is more logical to raise the price up.
Instalment for business
There is no better way to lower your profit margins than to sell at a discount.
The price of your product is very expensive? Do you have a long delivery time? Start selling in installments this is a great sales boost!
Instalment for business
The cost of the client is the main indicator in the formation of the advertising budget.
Instalment Vs Other financial tools
Okey, we have some more arguments
Instead, ask yourself what the cost of not having her is.
The questions is not whether you should use the installation
It is especially important now to make decisions based on numbers.
Get connected, make a few deals and then decide whether this mechanism is right for your business or not.
And our managers will help you to carry out this experiment from start to finish.
Invite clients
After registering in a Penenza your clients are provided with a 0% installment limit up to €100 000
How much does it cost?
You can sell more by increasing the flow of new customers
Raise the average check by selling expensive groups of goods and services for customers who could not afford
Get more loyal customers through interest-free installments
Receive 100% advance payment for each transaction
Get rid of accounts receivable
Gain a strong competitive edge with an exclusive offer
per month installments
*Tariff may go down based on sales volume
Plan that will help you grow
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